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Teacher Karissa Fletcher - Seventh Grade  (Send e-mail)

**Thank you students and parents for having patience while I was out all last week due to my father's unexpected death. I am blessed to be teaching in a district with such understanding and helpful students, parents, administration, and staff. My colleagues supported me while I was out and continued with curriculum for my classes.

Once again, thank you for all of your condolences and support.
Karissa Fletcher

This week in class

Dec. 10th
1st period:
- Review Stem Notecards
- Finish Poe packet based on the readings & video
- RI Outcome Assessment on Wednesday

3rd and 8th period:
- Review vocab notecards for unit 4
- finish (in red font) Narrative writing 5 new endings to your story----use the resource handout
- RL Outcome Assessment Wednesday

Dec. 11th
1st period:
- RI Outcome Assessment tomorrow
- Finish incorporating Stem words and making sure you have use words correctly!

3rd and 8th period:
- RL Outcome Assessment tomorrow
- Finish editing your Narrative with the easily confused words....there is a resource in Google Classroom to assist you!

Dec. 5th
1st period:
- Finish Narrative Draft 1
- RL Outcome Assessment on Friday

3rd and 8th period:
- Finish Narrative Draft 1 (NOT a personal narrative, so be creative)

Dec. 6th
1st period:
- RL Outcome Assessment on Friday

3rd and 8th period:

Dec. 7th
1st period:

3rd and 8th period:


Important Dates

Education Foundation Dinner/Auction


Downloads List

2019 Education Foundation Dinner/Auction [11/5/2018]
Letters About Literature [9/20/2017]
NewsELA Correction Form [12/1/2017]
Reading Strategy: Notice and Note Sign Post [9/7/2016]
WeVideo Download Directions [11/16/2017]

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