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Teacher Renee Grady - Sixth Grade  (Send e-mail)

Team 6B -
Renee' Grady (ELA)
Jackie Brendlinger (Math)
Rebecca Schumacher (Science)
Karissa Fletcher (ELA)
Carolyn LeGrande (Math)
Pam Swierczewski (Social Studies)

My Schedule:
Ist Hour- ELA Block 1-2
2nd Hour- ELA Block 1-2
3rd Hour- ELA Block 3-4
4th Hour- ELA Block 3-4
5th Hour- Lunch
6th Hour- ELA Block 6-7
7th Hour -ELA Block 6-7
8th Hour- ENCORE/ PLC
9th Hour- ENCORE/Plan

Drama Club Coach
National Junior Honor Society Adviser
Letters to Santa Coordinator

Together Everyone Achieves More!

PARCC Testing Dates
April 10th, 11th, 12th (ELA)
April 16th, 17th, 18th (Math)

Early morning gym will be available again this year for anyone wishing to participate. Doors open at 7:15 a.m.

This week in class

April 16, 2018

Students will need headphones. We've made testing bags this week, so everything is at the student's fingertips during testing. We want them to be comfortable and not stress about little things. Helpful items to pack in our Ziploc bags:
1) headphones
2) 5 function calculator (Dollar Tee)
3) mint gum or cinnamon gum
4) peppermints
5) life savers
6) mini Kleenex (or make your own with sandwich baggie)
7) wipes (for keyboard)
8) pencils for note taking
9) water

P.E. Morning gym - 7:15 a.m.

PARCC Testing MATH Test One

Read 20 minutes from your 2019 RC Book
Love how much you're enjoying the new titles!

In class: finished The Bracelet

Hot lunch - ID's needed
P.E. Morning gym available - 7:15 a.m.

PARCC Testing MATH Test Two
Read 20 minutes from your 2019 RC Book

In class: Looked at Primary Source Documents and Photographs relating to our story "The Bracelet"

Hurray!!! 6th graders earned popcorn during lunch for having perfect attendance on Tuesday of PARCC Testing! Go team!

P.E. Morning gym available - 7:15 a.m.

PARCC Testing MATH Test Three

In class: ELA - We read the informational text "Wartime Mistakes, Peacetime Apologies"
Worked in pairs for EXIT SLIP - 5 questions from page 164 of the Holt HC Text

Comprehension Test Friday over "The Bracelet"

Informational Text Open Book for "Wartime Mistakes and Peacetime Apologies"

Our students worked so hard on their PARCC Testing this week! We are so proud of them!!!!! We couldn't have asked for a better set of students test takers. Their effort was amazing!

(In class) "The Bracelet" Quiz (comprehension)

and "Wartime Mistakes and Peacetime Apologies" open book quiz (using informational text)

(In class) Students not yet finished with their e-book, "Sachiko" should finish up their last few entries.,

A few students still need to do their second RC 2019 Book Talk. Everyone else is on Book 3 and should be finished by the first week of May.

We had some nice book discussion and book recommendations today (student to student).


Downloads List

Literature- 1963 Collage Project Packet [1/18/2012]


Cool Links

"SmartHistory" Art History Paleolithic - Present. Free site

2018 Rebecca Caudill Illinois Book Award

Ancient Clovis Discoveries

Ancient Greece Acropolis Virtual Tour

British Museum- Ancient Greece

British Museum- Mesopotamia

Chavet Cave Paintings: National Geographic

Khan Academy - Free Math, Art, History Tutorials

Lascaux Caves in France: Virtual Tour of Paleolithic Art

Life Magazine Archive 1935-1972 - Google Books

Mummification Process- University of Chicago

Otzi: The Iceman of the Alps

Scholastic Scope Online (hcmsELA6th)

The Decorah, Iowa live Eagle Nest Cam

Theban Mapping Project (Ancient Egypt) (Valley of the Kings)

Tyrol Museum of Achaeology in Italy: Otzi's home

World Book

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