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Teacher Renee Grady - Sixth Grade  (Send e-mail)

Team 6B -
Renee' Grady (ELA)
Jackie Brendlinger (Math)
Rebecca Schumacher (Science)
Amy Cumbee (ELA)
Carolyn LeGrande (Math)
Pam Swierczewski (Social Studies)
Cheri O'Brien (Math Interventionist)
My Schedule:
Ist Hour- Honors ELA Block 1-2
2nd Hour-Honors ELA Block 1-2
3rd Hour- ELA Block 3-4
4th Hour- ELA Block 3-4
5th Hour- Lunch
6th Hour- ELA Block 6-7
7th Hour -ELA Block 6-7
8th Hour- ENCORE/ PLC
9th Hour- ENCORE/Plan
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Drama Club Coach
National Junior Honor Society Adviser
Letters to Santa Coordinator

Together Everyone Achieves More!


This week in class

Monday, February 4
Award Winning Author, Sheri Smith will be presenting to the students Friday, Feb. 8th!!!

ELA 1-2
Flygirl - Read through Chapter 22 (If you were absent, or didn't finish in class, the chapter can be located in Microsoft Teams in the "File" section.

ELA 3-4 & 6-7 - Read Flygirl through Chapter 21. See the "Files" section if you still need to finish the last page of reading.

All ELA - make your entries in your Reading Log. Remember you are beginning a new page for this week.

Did you submit last week's journal pages?

All NEWSELA for the month of February have been saved in your NEWSELA binder. Due dates are in listed in the "Instructions" 2 NEWSELA per week have been assigned. Highlighting & annotations MUST occur at the time the quiz is take. No late highlighting and annotations accepted past due date during 3rd quarter.

Tuesday, February 5
The New 2020 Rebecca Caudill list was published last night! The list is available in your Teams "Files" section. Mrs. Raynes has 16 of the selections in the library right now. More coming! Really excited to see some of these book titles and we have students reading some of the selections already!

Fly Girl

ELA Honors - In class Chapters 23, 24, 25

ELA 3-4 & 6-7: In class Chapters 22, 23, 24

Homework: select one student generated question from our list to respond to
Use a separate Word Document
-Restate the question & TAG. Opening
-Present Evidence followed by reasoning/ explanation
-cite 2 pc of text evidence

ALL ELA - We will finish Flygirl tomorrow & submit reading logs at the end of the period.

If you are hoping to win one of the special author sessions, your third Sherri Smith book is due tomorrow. I will need to give Mrs. Dotson the names of our 3 plus Sherri Smith readers. Good luck to all those who participated!

Wednesday, February 6
Hotlunch - IDs needed

Flygirl - We finished!!!

Students with 3 books or more will attend a soecial Smith Writer's Workshop

Thursday, February 7

NEWSELA - with annotations & highlighting
The entire month of February articles are posted, with due dates.

Friday, February 8
NJHS Hot Lunch

Author visit, Sherri Smith
Our 6th graders were amazing! They asked great questions and impressed the author with their attention to detail.

Honors ELA - Hidden figures

Reg ELA - Watson's Go to Birmingham


Downloads List

Education Foundation March 8th Casino Night. Save the Date [11/7/2018]
FSP Dine and Donate [11/7/2018]
Literature- 1963 Collage Project Packet [1/18/2012]


Cool Links

"SmartHistory" Art History Paleolithic - Present. Free site

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2019 Rebecca Caudill Illinois Book Award

5 Essential Survey for Parents

Ancient Clovis Discoveries

Ancient Greece Acropolis Virtual Tour

British Museum- Ancient Greece

British Museum- Mesopotamia

Chavet Cave Paintings: National Geographic

Khan Academy - Free Math, Art, History Tutorials

Lascaux Caves in France: Virtual Tour of Paleolithic Art

Life Magazine Archive 1935-1972 - Google Books

Mummification Process- University of Chicago

Otzi: The Iceman of the Alps

Scholastic Scope Online (hcmsELA6th)

SORA HCMS Online Library Collection Tutorial

SORA Student Online Library Collection Intro

The Decorah, Iowa live Eagle Nest Cam

Theban Mapping Project (Ancient Egypt) (Valley of the Kings)

Tyrol Museum of Achaeology in Italy: Otzi's home

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