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Special Education Teacher Therese Jackson - K-2  (Send e-mail)

As a parent myself, I want all of my parents to feel as comfortable as possible coming to me with any and all concerns! Please at any time e-mail or call me. If I canít immediately get to you, I will do my best to call you back in a timely fashion!

This week in class

The Special Education Department utilizes the program, Zones of Regulation to assist students in increasing their Emotional Intelligence awareness. Below you will find 4 zones utilized in this program: green, red, blue and yellow. Staff is teaching students it is "ok" to feel (emotion) while helping them to demonstrate "school readiness" for learning.

Green Zone: Calm state of alertness
Optimal level to learn. Happy, focused, content.
Students in the green zone can utilize their emotions in education for: self reflection, consensus building, collaboration activities

Red Zone: Heightened state of alertness and intense emotions. experiencing anger, rage, explosive behaviors or devastation.
Out of control
Students in the red zone can utilize their emotions in education for: competitive activities, debating and passionate expression

Blue Zone: Low Level of arousal. Feeling of:
sadness, fatigue, boredom and illness.
Students in the blue zone can utilize their emotions in education for: critical thinking, relating well to others, building empathy, success for tasks like proof reading and editing, detail analysis

Yellow Zone: Heightened state of alertness,
elevated emotions. Experiencing stress, frustration, excitement, silliness, wiggles, nervousness. generation of new ideas, brainstorming, energetic group activities and creative problem solving
Students in the yellow zone can utilize their emotions in education for:


Important Dates

No School: Teacher's Institute

No School: President's Day

FSP Spring Book Fair

FSP Family Night at GP

No School: School Improvment Day

Spring Break Begins

Quarter 3 Ends: Report Cards Go Home

No School: Memorial Day

Last Day of School


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Bowling Fundrasior [1/18/2018]


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