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Teacher Karyn Hermes - Kindergarten  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to Kindergarten!! I am so excited to start the new year with all of you. Please feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Please check my web page WEEKLY! I will attach a monthly newsletter to my web page at the beginning of each month. My primary form of communication with you will be on my web page and email. I will update my web page weekly, as well as send important information and reminders of upcoming events through email.

~Take-Home Folders will come home each day. They will contain important notes and your child's school work. Please be sure to check and empty the folder each night. Any notes or information that you need to send to me should also be put in the Take-Home Folder. I personally check each folder every morning.

Our school works on what we call a TIGER schedule . Therefore, our specials do NOT occur every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc... Instead, they will fall on a T, I, G, E, or R day. When we have a day off of school, it will not be a letter day. The letters are for days that we are in school only.

Here is our TIGER schedule for the 2018-2019 school year.

T Art
G Library
E Computers
R Music

~We have PE everyday from 12:45-1:15pm. Please be sure your child wears or has gym shoes at school each day.

Lunch 11:15-11:35am
Recess 11:35-11:55am

I CAN statements are simple sentences designed from Common Core Standards. They are written in student-friendly language. I CAN statements break down learning objectives into actions that students can read, understand and perform. In our class, I CAN statements are posted in front of the room and are read daily. This helps students to understand the expectations, become more responsible for their learning and more reflective of their work.

I canís for 2nd Quarter Ė ELA

*I can put letters together to make words.
*I can start at the top and read across to the bottom on each page.
*I can put words together to make a sentence.
*I can leave spaces between my words.
*I can name uppercase and lowercase letters.
*I can read C-V-C words.
*I can quickly read high frequency words.
*I can identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.
*I can name the author and illustrator of a book and tell you what they do.
*I can tell you how the illustrations and words match (with help).
*I can talk and write using correct grammar and punctuation.
*I can write my uppercase and lowercase letters.
*I can use correct nouns and verbs when I talk and write.
*I can use correct prepositions when I talk and write.
*I can use more than one sentence to share an idea when I talk and write.
*I can write sentences using kindergarten spelling which begin with uppercase letters, have spaces, and end with a period.
*I can capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I.
*I can recognize and name end punctuation.
*I can write a letter for a consonant sound and short vowel sound I hear in a word.
*I can spell simple words.
*I can sort common objects into groups and tell why they belong in the group (with help).
*I can tell you the opposites of action words and describing words I use (with help).
*I can identify real like connections between words and their use (with help).
*I retell a story Iíve heard including key details (with help).

I canís for 2nd Quarter Ė MATH

*I can count to 100 by 10ís. (K.CC.1)
*I can count to 100 by 1ís. (K.CC.1)
*When I count objects, I can write the number to show how many. (K.CC.3)
*I can write number 0-20. I can write number 0-50. (K.CC.3)
*I can say the number as I count each object. (K.CC.4a)
*I can understand the last number I said is the total number of objects. (K.CC.4b)
*I can understand that when I count, the next number is one larger than the one I just said. (K.CC.4c)
*I can count objects to answer questions. (K.CC.5)
*I can sort and count objects. (K.MD.3)
*I can describe objects around me by their shape and where they are found (K.G.1)
*I can name and describe shapes. (K.G.2) (2-D/flat and 3-D/solid)
*I can tell if a shape is flat or solid. (K.G.3)

I Can's for 2nd Quarter - Writing

*I can use drawings and talking to tell about something that happened in order and how I feel about it.

Erinís Law 2018-2019

We are required by Erin's Law to provide lessons on sexual abuse and prevention education. During the weeks of November 12th and January 27th, Grand Prairie Elementary School Social Workers will be teaching a lesson during your studentís art class about the "Think First and Stay Safe" program. The lesson in November will cover the concepts of "Using My Built In Computer: Staying Healthy and Safe." The lesson in January will cover "Laws Help Protect Me: Kids Have Rights Too!" and "Listening to My Instincts: No Secrets".

Should your child have any questions, you may refer to the handout that will be provided to them on the day of the lesson. If you have additional questio

This week in class

February 18, 2019
No School

February 19, 2019
T day: Art & PE

February 20, 2019
I day: PE

February 21, 2019
G day: Library & PE
Wear your stripes/patterns for perseverance

February 22, 2019
E day: Computers & PE


Important Dates

2nd Quarter Report Cards Go Home

No School - Teacher Institute

No School - President's Day

Education Foundation Casino Night

3rd Quarter Ends

No School - Spring Break 3/25-3/29

3rd Quarter Report Cards Go Home

No School - Good Friday

No School

Early Release Day @ 11:20am

Mother's Day Tea

No School - Memorial Day

Last Day of School - Early Release @11:20am


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