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Teacher Jeanna Kelly - First Grade  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to our class webpage! Please check in weekly to find out classroom and school news. I will update my webpage weekly, as well as send important information and reminders of upcoming events through email and Remind 101.
Please remember to check your child's take home folder each night. They will contain important notes and your child's school work. Please be sure to empty folders each evening. Please use the take home folder to send me any important notes as well.
Please pack a healthy snack each day and a feel free to send a water bottle!
The purple fluency bags can be used for nightly practice in addition to any other wonderful books your children love. Please be sure the purple fluency bags are in backpacks each morning. We use them all throughout the school day!

PLEASE.....remember to call the office at 815.469.3366 if your child will be absent for the day! THANK YOU!

Erinís Law 2018-2019

We are required by Erin's Law to provide lessons on sexual abuse and prevention education. During the weeks of November 12th and January 27th, Grand Prairie Elementary School Social Workers will be teaching a lesson during your studentís art class about the "Think First and Stay Safe" program. The lesson in November will cover the concepts of "Using My Built In Computer: Staying Healthy and Safe." The lesson in January will cover "Laws Help Protect Me: Kids Have Rights Too!" and "Listening to My Instincts: No Secrets".

Should your child have any questions, you may refer to the handout that will be provided to them on the day of the lesson. If you have additional questions feel free to contact a School Social Worker Ė Morgan Bilthuis, Nichole Reiser, and Sarah Altobelli.

Please see our newsletter for our "I Can's" for this week:

What is an "I Can" statement?
You will noticed posted in our classroom are "I Can" statements. You will also see these on my newsletter. An "I Can" statement is a simplified sentence based off of the Common Core learning standards. These simplified sentence help the students understand their learning targets for the week. Each week your child reads our "I Can" statements to help them become more responsible for their learning and more reflective on their own work.

Welcome to the First Quarter!!

ELA Quarter 1
RL1.3 I can describe the characters, setting, and major events in a story using key details.
RL1.7 I can use illustrations and words from the story to tell you about the characters, setting, and events.
RL 1.10 With prompting and support, I can read poetry and prose.
Nonfiction Text Features
RI1.5 I can use the non-fiction text features to find key facts and information.
RI1.6 I can tell the difference between information I read and information I saw in the illustrations.
RI1.7 I can use the illustrations and details in a text to tell you the key details.
RI1.10 With prompting and support, I can read informational texts appropriate for grade 1.
Narrative Writing
W1.3 I can write a narrative piece with at least 2 events in sequential order.
W1.8 With guidance and support, I can recall information or gather information to answer a question.
Basic Reading Skills
RF1.1a I can identify the first word in a sentence and the ending punctuation in a sentence.
RF1.2b I can blend sounds to make a word.
RF1.2c I can tell you the beginning, middle, and ending sound in a word.
RF1.2d I can break words into sounds.
RF1.3b I can read short words that follow a rule.
RF1.3g I can read high frequency words
RF1.4a I can read and understand grade level text.
Speak and Respond
SL1.1a I can follow the rules when talking and listening.
SL1.2 I can ask and answer questions appropriate questions in conversation.
SL1.3 I can ask and answer questions about what a speaker says.
SL1.6 I can respond in a complete sentence.
Vocabulary and Grammar
L1.1a I can write my uppercase and lowercase letters.
L1.1b I can use common, proper and possessive nouns correctly.
L1.1c I can use singular and plural nouns correctly.
L1.1d I can use pronouns correctly.
L1.1g I can use conjunctions, words that join other words together.
L1.1h I can use the correct word before a person, place, or thing.
L1.2b I can use punctuation marks correctly.
L1.5a I can sort words into groups like colors or clothing and explain what each group means.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Beginning the week of August 27th students in my class will participate in benchmark screenings provided by Fast Bridge Learning. Fast Bridge is District 157-Cís universal screening instrument. This assessment will be administered in the fall, winter and spring to help teachers determine which students are likely to meet the end of the year learning goals, which students may require intervention and help to determine advanced and honors placements for the following school year. This computer based assessment measures performance in reading and math.

This week in class

T day: ELC and PE
Please remember to return all library books!

I day: PE

G day: Technology and PE

E day: Art and PE
Hot Lunch
Wear Red for Caring Character Counts Pillar
We will be taking End of Module 2 Assessment, pt 1

R day: Music and PE
Lunch switch with 2nd grade. 11:40-12:00 Lunch!!!
We will be taking End of Module 2 Assessment, pt 2


Important Dates

Lunchtime switch with 2nd grade

FSP Hot Lunch/Wear Red day

Early Release, One Hour

No School: Teacher Institute

School Resumes

Library books are due!

Band/Orchestra Hot Lunch

Fast Bridge Testing

Fireman Visit

Fast Bridge Testing

Library books are due!

End of 2nd Quarter

No School: Martin Luther King Jr Day!

Chorus Hot Lunch

Library books are due!

Report cards will be coming home!

Vision and Hearing Screening

FSP Smoothies

Erin's Law Presentation for the students

Education Foundation Hot Lunch

Library books are due!

Six Flags: Read to Succeed Reading Logs are due!

Education Foundation Casino/Dinner and Auction Night!


Downloads List

2019 EF Casino Night/Dinner/Auction [11/5/2018]
Box Top sheet [8/27/2017]
Curriculum PowerPoint Presentation 2018-2019 [8/23/2018]
FSP Dine and Donate December 2018 [11/7/2018]
High Frequency Word List [10/4/2018]
Items for Troop Collection 18-19 [11/12/2018]
Newsletter Dec 7th [12/7/2018]
Newsletter Nov. 30 [11/30/2018]
Phone tree 2017-2018 [9/1/2017]
Remind 101 [8/14/2017]
School Calendar 18-19 [7/26/2018]
School Supply List 18-19 [7/26/2018]
TIGER Schedule [8/7/2018]
Words their Way research.pdf [8/12/2015]


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