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Jane DeHaan - Seventh Grade  (Send e-mail)

Welcome the 7th grade math!

If anyone is looking for extra summer practice for 8th grade math....

Go on Khan Academy!!!

Honors math students can work on:
linear functions/equations
systems of equations
factoring and foil of polynomials

All other math students can work on:
solving one and two step equations
any and all word problems
percent word problems

JUST SEARCH ANY OF THE ABOVE TOPICS IN Khan Academy and complete assignments and quizzes!

This week in class

Have a great summer!


Downloads List

Adding and Subtracting Integers [9/7/2017]
chapter 5 study guide [11/14/2017]
Chapter 7 Study Guide [2/14/2018]
Circles Study Guide Key [5/22/2018]
Number System Review [10/2/2017]
Number System Study Guide [10/2/2017]
Ratio and Prop. PACKET with post its [11/30/2017]
Ratio and Prop. PRACTICE PROBLEM [11/30/2017]
Ratio and Prop. STUDY GUIDE [11/30/2017]
Statistics Study Guide [5/1/2018]


Cool Links

Carnegie Learning Website

Escape Room (Percents)

Integer Subtraction with Counters


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