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Lauren Ruffing - Seventh Grade  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

Extension: 4175

My Schedule:
1st & 2nd- ELA w/ Ms. Dyokas
3rd & 4th- ELA
8th & 9th- ELA w/ Ms. Dyokas

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Beginning the week of August 27th students in my class will participate in benchmark screenings provided by Fast Bridge Learning. Fast Bridge is District 157-Cís universal screening instrument. This assessment will be administered in the fall, winter and spring to help teachers determine which students are likely to meet the end of the year learning goals, which students may require intervention and help to determine advanced and honors placements for the following school year. This computer based assessment measures performance in reading and math. Individual fall results will be sent home at the beginning of October after all students have been tested. I look forward to working with your child this school year.

Lauren Ruffing

This week in class


ELA w/ Dyokas
1. Study vocabulary words 11-15. Vocab 11-20 check on Wednesday
2. Finish your theme reasoning from Roll of Thunder

ELA 3/4
1. Finish editing your narrative (if you need to)
2. Read Stella Chapters 31-35


ELA w/ Dyokas
1. Study vocabulary words 16-20. Vocab 11-20 check on Wednesday

ELA 3/4
1. Read Stella pages 160-205


ELA w/ Dyokas
1. Finish reading and answering "The Mysterious Case of E.P."

ELA 3/4
1. Read Stella pages 279-292




Important Dates

How to Raise and Adult @ LWE


Downloads List

Coming Together for a Cause 10-3-18.pdf [10/5/2018]
DisabilityAwarenessDayFlyer (1).pdf [10/5/2018]

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