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Kathleen Malone - Kindergarten  (Send e-mail)

Dear Parents:

Welcome to our classroom web page!

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best in 2018. I'm excited to see what the New Year brings!

Weather has been cold, please be sure to dress your child for the weather. The lunch aides still take the kids out to run around and get fresh air.

Our TIGER schedule:

T- PE and Music
G- PE and Technology
E- PE and Art
R- PE and ELC

Lunch is 11:20-11:40.
Recess is 11:40-12:00.

Our Specials Teachers:

Art- Mrs.Corkery
Library- Mrs. Winkler
Music- Mrs.Turbough
PE- Mrs. McCurdy
Technology- Mrs.Borden

As you can see, we are lucky enough to have PE everyday, so please be sure to have your child wear gym shoes daily.

Please visit this classroom webpage regularly. I will update it weekly with school events and reminders. My main means of communication will be through this classroom webpage, emails, and Remind 101. If you haven't already done so, please join Remind 101. It's a great way to receive reminders.

Lastly, please remember to call the office at 815.469.3366 if your child will be absent.

I CAN statements are simple sentences designed from Common Core Standards. They are written in student-friendly language. I CAN statements break down learning objectives into actions that students can read, understand and perform. In our class, I CAN statements are posted in front of the room and are read daily. This helps students to understand the expectations, become more responsible for their learning and more reflective of their work. Kindergarten Outcome Assessments are created from I CAN statements, which are posted on each assessment. This helps parents and students to have a clear visual of kindergarten expectations, and a better understanding of their child’s development and growth.

I Can Statements 2nd Quarter:

I can identify upper and lowercase letters.
I can say the sound a consonant makes.
I can identify the first and last letter in a word.
I can add or change letters in words to make new words.
I can quickly read high-frequency words.
I can identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.
I can name the author and illustrator of a book and tell you what they do.
I can tell you how the illustrations and words match with help.
I can retell a story I've heard including key details with help.

I can count to 100 by ones and tens.
I can start counting with any number.
I can write to 10.
I can name, describe, draw and build shapes.
I can understand that the last number I said is the total number of objects.
I can write the number to show how many when I count objects.

I can put letters together to make words.
I can put words together to make a sentence.
I can leave spaces between my words.
I can write sentences using kindergarten spelling which begins with uppercase letters, have spaces, and end with a period.
I can add details to my writing using pictures and words (with help).
I can use drawing, and writing to name a topic and tell something about it.


We received many donations and the packages were packed on the 20th and sent on the 21st. Thank you again for all your help and in supporting the troops!

Erin's Law Lessons:

As you know, we are required by the new Erin's Law to provide lessons on sexual abuse and prevention education. In October, Grand Prairie Elementary School Social Workers will be coming into our classroom to talk about the "Think First and Stay Safe" program.

The lessons will cover the concepts of "Using My Built In Computer: Staying Healthy and Safe". In December, the lessons will be on "Laws Help Protect Me: Kids Have Rights Too!" and "Listening to My Instincts: No Secrets".

Should your child have any questions, you may refer to the handout that will be provided to them on the day of the lesson. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact a School Social Worker – Morgan Bilthuis, Nichole Reiser, or Maribeth Fagan.


I know it seems far way now, but time has a way of sneaking up on us. I also want to give all mothers proper notice to be sure to hold the afternoon open so we can have 100% attendance for MOMS. It's such a special day to have 1:1 time with your child. Bring your tissues because there will be some tears. You will also be pampered by your child. Please find sitters for younger siblings.

Be sure to save the date:

Friday- May 11th @ 12:45 (Time is an approximate- more details to follow).

This week in class

R Day- Library

T Day- Music

I Day- No Special Day

G Day- Computer Lab

Thursdays Spirit Day Theme: Wear your favorite scarf (it doesn't have to be winter)

Chorus Hot Lunch

FSP Exploration Night at Chelsea

E Day- Art


Important Dates

Last Day of Quarter 2

Chorus Hot Lunch

FSP Exploration Night at Chelsea

Thursday Spirit Day Theme: Wear a Scarf Day

Report Cards Go Home

Thursday Spirit Day Theme: Wear Your Favorite Football Team Attire for the Super Bowl

Tuesday- 100th Day of School...All School Celebration- Dress Like You Are 100 Years Old

Mother's Day Tea & Spa- Details to Follow.


Downloads List

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Kindergarten Sight Words [9/10/2017]
Mrs. Malone's Newsletter- December [12/9/2017]
Mrs. Malone's Newsletter- January [1/7/2018]
Mrs. Malone's Newsletter- November [11/5/2017]
No Excuse K Words.pdf [8/19/2016]
Quarter 2 Sight Words Flash Cards [11/3/2017]
Real Script- Hand with X Height [10/8/2017]
TIGER Schedule- 2017-2018 [8/29/2017]
TIGER Schedule- Letter to Parents [8/29/2017]
Words Their Way- Letter of Explanation to Parents [12/2/2016]


Cool Links

ABCya- Fun Activities to Practice Reading and Math

Great Minds- Math

Into the Book- Practice for Reading Comprehension Strategies

Starfall- Reading and Math Practice

Storyline Online- Listen to Your Favorite Stories


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