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Co-Taught 8th Grade ELA Matthew Young - Special Education  (Send e-mail)

Room 1606 Co-Taught ELA Classroom With Mrs. Johnson

This week in class

November 12th
Homework: Read Chapters 35-47 in Unwind
pgs. 226-254
Youtube Audio: 6:54:59

Part 4 &5 Reading Check Wednesday!

November 13th
Homework: Read Chapters 47-57 in Unwind
Pages 254-284
Youtube Audio: 7:50:02

Part 4&5 Reading Check Wednesday!

November 14th
Reading Check Part 4&5 today!

Homework: Read Chapters 58-65 in Unwind Pages 285-313
Youtube Audio: 8:38:37

Unwind Final Exam on Friday!

November 15th
Chapters 66-69
Pages 317-335
Youtube Audio:

Unwind Final Exam on Friday!

Final Unwind Test!!!!


Important Dates

New York Times Best Seller: Julie Lythcott-Haims

De-escalation Techniques to Manage Noncompliant or Disruptive Behavior


Downloads List

Bachelor Grove RI1.docx [9/10/2018]
Bachelors Grove Cemetery Research Simulation questions.docx [9/10/2018]
Cyanide Article RI 2.docx [9/4/2018]
Provide an Objective Summary resource.docx [9/4/2018]
Tiger U 11-13-18 (1).pdf [10/18/2018]


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