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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Alexandra Arcella - 3rd-5th Hearing Itinerant  (Send e-mail)

Throughout the year I will help my students gain knowledge in reading, writing, phonics, math, science, social studies and advocacy.

I have added Cool Links for all parents, families, and children to look through--hearing and/or deaf can appreciate them.

*Signing Savvy-curious about learning sign language? This website is a great resource! Type in a word to see different forms of this sign. This website also has information about famous Deaf people throughout the years!

*1001 Books in ASL-a FREE, fantastic resource to show the Deaf classic storybooks. Titles include; The Hungry Caterpillar, Where the Wild Things Are, Love You Forever, Curious George and much more. Again anyone interested in sign language can benefit from this website. Also know that you will need to sign up with this website to see the book videos. The videos are in different ASL forms.

WORD - Text only signed word for word.
LITERAL - Text only translated into ASL.
FREE - Text and Images translated into ASL.
GESTURE - Text and Images into visual gestures/mime.

*ASLHub-a free website that showcases quality ASL through music videos, new reports, cooking recipes, books and more. Most videos are closed captioned so that anyone curious in ASL can learn :) Take a look at The Giving Tree in ASL-its wonderfully done!

*Storyline Online-Storyline Online is a free source in which actors read a children's book aloud. The website is beautiful and each story shows the actor reading and the story book!


Cool Links

1001 Books in ASL


Signing Savvy

Storyline Online

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