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Amy Brandner - Kindergarten  (Send e-mail)

Hello, Kindergarten families! I'm Mrs. Brandner (pronounced Brad-ner), & am honored to be your child's teacher! We're going to have a fabulous year of learning, growing, & having fun! :-)

We have 24 wonderful friends in class this year: 12 girls & 12 boys.
Thank you for checking our website often for important dates, reminders, I CAN statements, & our classroom newsletter!

*** Take-Home Folders come home each day containing important notes & completed work.
Please be sure to check/empty it each night, & send in any info back to me via the folder!
(Please see the Remind 101 downloadable page to sign up for instant text alerts from me!)

*** Specials do NOT occur every Mon., Tue., etc.... Instead, they'll fall on a T, I, G, E, or R day. When we're off school, it's a NO LETTER day.

T day: P.E. & Technology
I day: P.E.
G day: P.E & Library
E day: P.E. & Music
R day: P.E. & Art.

P.E.: every day! Please have gym shoes at school. Lunch: 11:20-11:40, then Recess: 11:40-12:00

** Lincoln-Way East Science Department to host science night for future Griffins!


I CAN statements break down objectives into learning targets students can read & understand.

Q4 I CAN Statements:


* I can put letters together to make words.
* I can sound out words.
* I can identify the first, middle, and ending letter in a word.
* I can hear, say, and write words that rhyme.
* I can clap the sounds I hear in a word.
* I can break up words into parts.
* I can put together the first sound with the last part to make a word.
* I can break up a word into the first sound and the last part.
* I can separate and say the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in C-V-C words.
* I can add or change letters in words to make new words.
* I can say the sound a consonant makes,
* I can quickly read high frequency words.
* I can spell words with long and short vowels.
* I can tell you letters that are different in words that I read.


* I can tell you the meaning of a word from a story that I have heard or read.
* I can tell you two meanings for a word I know (duck: bird or to duck/bat: baseball bat or animal bat).
* I can tell you the meaning of a word when I add these endings (ed, s, ful, less).
* I can tell you the meaning of a word when I add these beginnings (re-, un-, pre-).
* I can ask & answer questions about key details in a book with help.
* I can ask & answer questions to find the meaning of a word in a book.
* I can compare and contrast what happens to characters in stories Iíve heard.
* I can read a story & tell you what it is about.
I can tell you the reasons an author uses details on a book with help.
* I can tell you similarities & differences between two books.
* I can understand & use questions words (who, what, where, when, how and why).


* I can use drawing & writing to tell how I feel about a topic of a book.
* I can use drawing & writing to name a topic and tell something about it.
* I can improve my writing by adding details with help from adults & peers.
* I can use different technology with help from adults & friends to create/publish writing.
* I can participate in a group project & write and tell about a favorite author and their stories.
* I can answer questions about something that has happened from my experiences or something Iíve learned with help.


* I can count to 100 by 10ís & 1's.
* I can write numbers 0-50.
* I can show subtraction.
* I can subtract to solve word problems.
* I can quickly subtract from numbers up to 5.
* I can count starting with any number.
* When I count objects, I can write the number to show how many.
* I can show what number is needed to add to another number to make 10.

This week in class

R day: Read Across Grand Prairie!
Kids will need to drop what they're doing & read their favorite books when the music plays today!

They'll also have a chance to get their friends' autographs in their Tiger Yearbooks!

Last day of Kindergarten! I can't believe it's here already! Early Dismissal at 11:25.

Have a wonderful summer break & I KNOW you will all be excellent first graders! :-)

** Don't forget! FasttMath & reading activities will be happening in summer at GP, so stop on by!

** THANK YOU for a wonderful year! Don't hesitate to keep in touch or ask any questions! :-)


Important Dates

Field Trip to Fort Frankfort- End of Year Picnic!

Last day of Running Club


NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have served & are serving!

FIELD DAY! (wear your tie-dye t-shirts to school!)


Running Club Award Ceremony

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Dismissal at 11:25. Thank you for a wonderful year!! :-)


Downloads List

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Kindergarten No Excuse Words.pdf [8/21/2016]
Remind 101 Enrollment Instructions [9/15/2016]
Sight Word Fun & Games! [10/2/2016]
State of the District [1/24/2017]
Summer Reading Programs! [5/2/2017]
TIGER 2016-2017 Calendar [9/8/2016]
Words Their Way - Parent Letter [12/4/2016]


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