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Colleen Jenkins - Math Enrichment  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to Fifth Grade Advanced Math! I am very excited to be your child's teacher, and I am looking forward to a fantastic year!

On my teacher page, you will find classroom as well as school news. I will also include important calendar dates and information about special activities.

Colleen Jenkins

PARENT MATH RESOURCES now available on the Chelsea Webpage!
We have created a Parent Math Resources tab on the Chelsea Webpage. You can also access these resources under my Cool Links. Please also see the attachment for a Eureka Parent letter under "Downloads" that explains how to create a greatminds account. If you created an account last year, there is no need to create a new account this year. The parent letter also includes a brief explanation on how your child can access Zearn at home.

We are moving right along and are starting Eureka Module 4. The topics covered in this module include:
*Line plots of fraction measurements
*Fractions as division
*Multiplication of a whole number by a fraction
*Fraction expressions and word problems
*Multiplication of a fraction by a fraction
*Multiplication with fractions and decimals as scaling and word problems
*Division of fractions and decimal fractions
*Interpretation of numerical expressions

We will also be addressing the following standards:

NF.3 Explaining that a fraction is the division of the numerator by the denominator.

NF.4 Multiplying a fraction or a whole number by a fraction.

NF.5 Understanding multiplication by comparing the sizes of the factors in related multiplication problems.

NF.6 Solving real world problems by multiplying fractions and mixed numbers.

NF.7 Using understanding of division to divide fractions.

MD.1 Converting measurement units within a measurement system.

MD.2 Making a line plot displaying fractions and solving problems using the fractions from the line plot.

OA.1 Forming and solving expressions with parentheses, brackets or braces.

OA.2 Writing and interpreting numerical expressions.

NBT.7 Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals to the hundredths place, using various strategies.

This week in class

Advanced Math:
Module 4, Lesson 8 Homework

Advanced Math:
Module 4, Lesson 9 Homework
Formative tomorrow - Lessons 6-9

Advanced Math:
Module 4, Lesson 10 Homework

Advanced Math:
Module 4, Lesson 11 Homework
Formative on Monday - Lessons 10-12

Advanced Math:
Formative on Monday - Lessons 10-12
Module 4 Mid- Module on Tuesday
Have a great weekend!


Important Dates

Last Popsicle Sale

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Institute Day

End of Second Quarter


Downloads List

Advanced Math power point.pptx [9/6/2018]
Eureka Module 1 Parent Tip Sheet.pdf [9/7/2017]
Eureka Module 2 Parent Tip Sheet [10/22/2018]
Eureka Module 3 Parent Tip Sheet [10/22/2018]
Eureka Module 4 Parent Tip Sheet [10/22/2018]
Eureka Module 5 Parent Tip Sheet [10/22/2018]
Eureka Module 6 Parent Tip Sheet [10/22/2018]
Eureka Parent Letter.docx [8/30/2018]
Orange Spooky Graveyard Halloween Invitation (1).pdf [10/2/2018]
Support the Troops Popsicle Sale Sheet.pdf [10/2/2018]


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