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Brenda Grage - Fourth Grade  (Send e-mail)

Thank you for visiting Mrs. Grage's Class Page. Please refer to this webpage to check for curricular and district updates. You will find items such as homework assignments that are due, upcoming projects, and other important information.

Each week I will provide you with a preview of the curriculum for the week ahead. I will also include tentative dates for tests and project due dates. Please keep in mind that this may change at any time due to the needs of the students. Sometimes when students quickly understand a concept, we will move at a faster pace. On the other hand, we will spend more time on concepts when students are having a harder time grasping concepts. If at any time you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email me. We are partners in education.

4th Quarter Bucket List Challenge
Dear Students and Families,
We are so impressed with the amount of reading and quality of projects you have produced this year! This quarter, we are challenging you to continue to grow as readers- and this time, you can choose any age appropriate genre from the Bucket List! In addition, you will be completing a written summary from each book to turn in throughout the quarter. You should still track the books you are reading on your “Track It” sheet in your folder. Finally, all fourth grade students will be participating in a reward which will include special privileges for our top readers! This will be an exciting way to celebrate all of the reading you have done in fourth grade! (A project completed at home will not be required at the end of the final quarter.)

Reminder: Field Day Tshirts and Pizza Lunch must be ordered on RevTrack (ordering shuts down on May 3rd)

The week of April 17, 2017:

Mrs. Grage's PARCC schedule

Math1- Tuesday 4/4- 12-1:20
Math2- Friday 4/7- 12-1:20
Math3- Tuesday 4/11- 9:10-10:40
Math4- Wednesday 4/12- 12-1:20

ELA1- Tuesday 4/18- 12-2
ELA2- Thursday 4/20- 12-2
ELA3- Monday 4/24- 12-2

ELA: We are beginning our 4th quarter unit, Heroes. We are learning about ancient Greece to build background information for our next novel. We are reading The Lightning Thief this quarter during our unit. This week, we will be discussing the differences between myths, legends, and fables/tall tales.

I encourage you to have your child read 20 minutes minimum each night. This will increase vocabulary, fluency, confidence and background knowledge.

Math: This week we learning about patterns and expressions. We will be using variables to solve problems and write equations. We will be solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division expressions. Students will take their Outcome Assessment on Tuesday, April 25th.

It is crucial to memorize the multiplication facts. This will help with future units such as division and fractions. Students should practice 10 minutes each night.

Science- During Science, we are talking about the internal and external structures of plants.

Social Studies- This week, we will continue to learn about the West. Students will take their West region states and capitals test on 4/26.

Writing/Word Study-
**We will be resume our word study next week.

Students work on weekly word lists for Words Their Way. Each week, they are required to complete daily practice activities to practice their sorts/words before their WTW test.

This week in class

4/17- No School
Reminder: Field Day Tshirts and Pizza Lunch must be ordered on RevTrack (ordering shuts down on May 3rd)

Be well rested and eat a good breakfast for PARCC testing.

4/18- G Day- Art & PE
**PARCC testing- ELA1
Math- Front Row
Reading- Read 20 minutes

4/19- E Day- Library & PE
Spirit Day- Sports Day
Be well rested and eat a good breakfast for PARCC testing.

4/20- R Day- Music & PE
**PARCC testing- ELA2

Math: Math Front Row
Reading: Read 20 minutes

4/21- T Day- PE only
** Our math outcome assessment will be on Tuesday, April 25th.
** Our West states and capitals test will be on Wednesday, April 26th.

**Students are encouraged to complete lessons on Front Row. class code: gragex


Important Dates

Spring Break

Non- Attendance Day

Non- Attendance Day

Pizza Mia- Chicken Rings

Spirit Day: Sports Day

Giordano's- Cheese Pizza

Born In China Film Field Trip

Aurelios- Cheese Pizza

Field Museum Field Trip

Last day to order Field Day Tshirts and Pizza Lunch

Smoothie Day

Aurelios- Cheese Pizza

Pizza Mia- Gluten Free Chicken Tenders

Aurelios- Cheese Pizza

School Improvement Day-Early Dismissal

Memorial Day--No School

Villa Rosa- Hamburger

Chelsea Field Day

Last Day of School- with no snow days used


Downloads List

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5Essentials FAQ [11/21/2016]
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Spirit Week March 20-24 [3/14/2017]
Stack the Stock [11/7/2016]


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