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Ellen Hogan - Sixth Grade  (Send e-mail)

Hello Tigers! Welcome to my Teacher Page!

Need extra help in school? Attend NJHS After School Tutoring Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the Library from 2:15-3:30.

If I have your student for Math with Mrs. Sayles, please view her webpage for the most up to date information!

If your student is in my specialized instruction math class, this is the best place to find information about our class.

Homework will be given daily. Homework assignments will be determined based on the student and their individual needs. We will be using the Carnegie Curriculum.

Please check and sign off on your student's assignment notebook daily.

For additional math practice, your student should be logging on to as often as possible! This program is great practice for PARCC and math standards. The website provides videos for modeling and helps your student work independently. Your student should be working towards 100% at the 6th grade level by the end of the year.

If you do not have access to a computer, please contact me so that we can arrange a different mode of practice.



This week in class

October 15, 2018
I CAN: I can round decimals.
HW: Rounding Decimals Worksheet Odds

October 16, 2018
I CAN: convert fractions to decimal equivalence when given a fraction with a power of ten in the denominator.
HW: Skills Practice pg. 429 ALL

October 17, 2018
I CAN: Convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions.
HW: Skills Practice pg. 430-431 odds

October 18, 2018
I CAN: I can identify, order, compare, round, and find fraction to decimal and decimal to fraction equivalence.
HW: Finish Skills Check 4.1-4.3

October 19, 2018
I CAN: I can add and subtract decimals in real life word problems.
HW: Khan Academy (Fractions and Decimals 6th Grade Level)


Downloads List

Unit 1 Additional Practice Problems.pptx [10/3/2018]
Unit 1 Practice Questions.pptx [10/3/2018]
Unit 1 Study Guide Answers.pptx [10/2/2018]


Cool Links

Carnegie Learning (Textbook Online)- If your student for some reason does not have their math binder at home, you can access our Carnegie book online. Login- first initial, last name- set password to Hogan1

Khan Academy- Username/Password - Same as Google Account

Online Science Textbook- Student Login: IQWST2018

Online Social Studies Textbook

PARCC Practice

Student Tutor for Help with Math at Home

VIA Character Survey

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