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Ellen Hogan - Sixth Grade  (Send e-mail)

Hello Tigers! Welcome to my Teacher Page!

If I have your student for Co-Taught Math, Science, and Social Studies, please view Mrs. Sayles, Mrs. Nemeth, or Mrs. Sandowski's pages for more information regarding our class!
If your student is in my direct math class, this is the best place to find information about our class.

Homework will be given daily. Homework assignments will be determined based on the student and their individual needs.We will be using the Carnegie Curriculum.

Please check and sign off on your student's assignment notebook daily.

For additional math practice, your student should be logging on to as often as possible! This program is great practice for PARCC and math standards. The website provides videos for the problems and helps your student work independently. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact me so that we can arrange a different mode of practice.

Starting the week of September 10th, you will be receiving a weekly newsletter about our class created by the students. I want the students having conversations at home about what they are learning about in math! Practicing our vocabulary and skills outside of class helps us generalize and apply math in real life!

Please let me know if you ever have any questions or concerns about math. I want my class to be a positive learning experience for all!

Your student should be bringing home their binder daily. Here is some information about our binder.

The binder is divided up into 7 tabs. Please make sure that your student is keeping these tabs organized.

The binder should include the following:

Tab 1: Reference Sheets- This is where you can find your student's multiplication charts, step by steps, and formulas. This is a great tab to refer back to to get extra support while solving problems.

Tab 2: Bell Work- The students will be completing Bell Work each day in our math class upon entering the room. The students will be expected to complete this work at home if they do not finish the work during the beginning of class. Bellwork is a time for students to practice 6th grade math skills and ask questions on different concepts outside of our current chapter.

Tab 3: Current Chapter- The Carnegie Curriculum is divided into 3 books. Inside the Current Chapter tab you will find the text that we are reading in class and the problems we discuss together. At times, there may be homework found in this tab. The Current Chapter tab will only include the pages from our current unit, we will be removing these pages as we complete the chapter and adding new pages when we start a new chapter.

Tab 4: Skills Practice Tab: The Skills Practice Tab should include pages in the 300's and on. This is considered the student's workbook. Majority of homework assignments will come from this page.

Tab 5: Answer Keys- The Carnegie Curriculum provides the Answer Key for all odd numbers in the student's Skills Practice. Please refer to these pages while doing homework after the student has completed the problem. This helps the student's self-monitor and check understanding.

Tab 6: Assessments- Here you will find your students graded work. Please feel free to remove any graded work that is not a Skills Check or Outcome Assessment. I would like these documents to stay in this tab so that the students have another place to reference their past learning.

Tab 7: Vocabulary- The vocabulary tab will contain the Glossary from the back of the student's Carnegie book and Frayer Models of learned vocabulary. The students will be focusing on vocabulary in math this year to ensure that they are understanding and internalizing new concepts.

If your student ever needs additional help in math, please email me and I can plan to come in early (7:20-7:40) or provide time after school (2:10-2:40) to work with your student.

In addition, tutoring is also provided by the National Jr. Honors Society. 7-8th grade honor roll students provide tutoring after school until 3:15 in the library Tuesday-Thursday.

I would like to welcome Ms. Ray to my Direct Math Class as our new classroom paraprofessional! We are excited to have you Ms. Ray!!!

Direct Line: 815- 806- 4105

This week in class

I CAN statements for the week:

I CAN use a factor tree to determine the prime factorization of a given number.

I CAN identify the repeating multiplication on a factor tree to determine the base and exponent.

I CAN apply my knowledge of GCF and LCM to answer word problems.

Monday IN CLASS:

Review Vocabulary: GCF, LCM, Prime, Composite, Base, Exponent

GCF and LCM Review

Practice Word Problems Current Chapter- 2.2 pages 62-63

Homework: Finish Factor Tree, GCF, LCM Packet (Should have multiple examples on each page completed already).

Finish Monday Bellwork if it is not complete!

Review Homework for 2.2 LCM and GCF Word Problems -

2.3 Pages 70-71 Look back to these pages for help on homework.

Skills Practice, Page 348 #19
(LCM Word Problem)
Skills Practice, Page 354 #19
(GCF Word Problem)

Rotations- Word Problems with Ms. Hogan and Study Guide Review with Ms. Ray.

Homework: Study#4 and #10 - what is completed on Study Guide

Khan Academy for 15 minutes- LCM and GCF Word Problems (Assignment should be a notification in the right hand corner)

Please email me/write a note in their assignment notebook if your student's khan academy is not working at home. Please login using your gmail account and password- please make sure all other gmail accounts are logged out. It does not work if two users are actively logged on.

Review Homework: Skills Practice Page 356 #3 (GCF) and #5 (LCM)

Rotations- Word Problems/Chapter Review with Ms. Hogan and Study Guide Review with Ms. Ray.

Homework: Study for concept check by reviewing study guide and exposed vocabulary from Chapters 1-2. Students will only be assessed on what we have learned in class.

Topics on Skills Check: Factors, Multiples, GCF, LCM, Factor Tree, Base, Exponents, Powers, GCF Word Problems, LCM Word Problems

Skills Practice page 357 #6 (GCF) and #8 (LCM)

Skills Practice Page 356 #3 (GCF) and #5 (LCM)

Use your study guide to prepare for our skills check. Make sure it is finished when you return to class. Please get on Khan and practice the GCF and LCM word problems if you did not yesterday.

Students will be taking their Skills Check today over the following information.

Topics on Skills Check: Factors, Multiples, GCF, LCM, Factor Tree, Base, Exponents, Powers, GCF Word Problems, LCM Word Problems

When students are done they will be working on Khan Academy.

The study guide for this assessment was given on Tuesday.

Fastbridge Baseline Screening


When students are done they will be allowed Silent Reading Time.


Important Dates

Hat Day

Direct Math- Carnegie Chapters 1-2 Skills Check

First PE Assessment

Theme Thursday- Hawaiian Day

Fastbridge Screening

Science Assessment

Skills Check over Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

Geography Social Studies Assessment

Theme Thursday- Blackhawks Jersey Day


Downloads List

Math Advisory Newsletter September 11th- 15th.docx [9/17/2017]
September 5th - 8th Newsletter [9/10/2017]


Cool Links

Carnegie Learning (Textbook Online)- If your student for some reason does not have their math binder at home, you can access our Carnegie book online. Login- first initial, last name- set password to Hogan1

Khan Academy- Username/Password - Same as Google Account

Online Science Textbook- Student Login: IQWST2018

Online Social Studies Textbook

PARCC Practice

Student Tutor for Help with Math at Home

VIA Character Survey

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