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Mrs. Shannon Muehlnickel - Fifth Grade  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to my class website! I am so happy you stopped by! This is going to be an extraordinary year full of fun and new experiences!! Please check here for updates, classroom news, and important information. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have!

Health educators from Robert Crown Center will present a program for the girls entitled "Linda" and one for the boys "Michael" on October 5, 2017. Please complete the form and return it by September 29th. If you have any questions then please contact our school nurse Debbie Busch or the Robert Crown Center.

Popsicles will be sold for a dollar again on October 13th and 27th. Thank you!

Our class will have music on "T" days. Band and orchestra students must have their instruments at school on those days.

What is it? It is an acronym that refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Learning is collaborative and project-based. Our students will be given the opportunity to attend this class on a weekly basis with Mrs. Jozaitis as their instructor.

Is reading part of your family's daily routine?

Reading is the most important skill because it is the basis for learning throughout the school day.

Reading takes practice.

Make reading a part of your family's daily routine.

*Read every night with your child or along side your child.

*Ask your child to occasionally read aloud and listen to how they're able to read with fluency, expression, accuracy, rate, phrasing, and punctuation.

*We will be working on reading more fluently in the classroom with weekly goals. What will be your child's goal this week?

*Our fifth grade homework expectation of students is to read a minimum of 80 minutes per week. The students are working on weekly reading goals and a weekly reading log. Can you exceed the expectation???

***Current Class Read-Aoud: Schooled by Gordon Korman

My students now have a personal Lenovo laptop to use in school! They have received training and instruction on how to use this amazing piece of technology. Students will have many opportunities to learn and create with their new laptops!!

STUDENT AGENDA/ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK - Students will be expected and encouraged to fill out their agendas each day. To begin the school year I will sign their book and ask parents to also sign each evening. Students will receive a "reward" for being responsible! Thank you for your help and cooperation!

Module 2 will begin on Monday, Sept. 25.

Chapter 2-The Earliest Americans

School Improvement Day - Early Dismissal October 9, 2017
Columbus Day Holiday - No School November 20-21, 2017
Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School November 22, 2017
Non-Attendance Day November 23, 2017
Thanksgiving Holiday - No School November 24, 2017 Non-Attendance Day
December 22, 2017 Early Release - One Hour
December 25, 2017 thru January 5, 2018 Winter Break - No School
January 8, 2018 Teacher Institute - No School
January 15, 2018 M.L. King Holiday - No School
February 16, 2018 Teacher Institute - No School
February 19, 2018 President's Holiday - No School
March 26 through April 2, 2018 Spring Break - No School
May 28, 2018 Memorial Day Holiday - No School
June 1, 2018 School Improvement Day - Early Dismissal
Last Day of School if the 5 Emergency Days are Not Used
June 8, 2018 School Improvement Day - Early Dismissal
Last Day of School if the 5 Emergency Days are Used
*At the end of the school term in June, the calendar will be reduced one day for each emergency day not used - up to a total of five days.

This week in class

Homework will be assigned daily. Please refer to your child's agenda. *Math homework will typically be assigned Monday-Thursday.

Signed reading logs are due each Monday. Students must log a minimum of 80 minutes and fill out their log appropriately. Reading across several genres of literature is an expectation for 5th grade. Get reading everyone!!!

***Please check and sign your child's agenda/assignment notebook. I will be guiding the students and assisting them in reviewing any homework they may have. Your child will receive a "Tiger Ticket" each day that their agenda is signed!

*** Please review and sign your child's agenda***

*** Please review and sign your child's agenda***

*** Please review and sign your child's agenda***

***Please review and sign your child's agenda***

We will be having our Eureka Math Module 1 Assessment on Monday, Sept. 25. Please have your child study their math notes. You can also access the Module 1 Parent Tip Sheet link on my Downloads List below.


Important Dates

Chorus Boosters Hot Lunch

Band/Orchestra Hot Lunch

School Improvement Day-12:05 Dismissal

Columbus Day-No School

FSP Hot Lunch

Picture Re-take and Popsicle Day

FSP Family Night/Book Fair


Downloads List

2017 open house pp new.pptx [9/8/2017]
ChelseaCurriculumNight2017_8_30_2017_12_59_43_PM.docx [8/30/2017]
eureka_math_grade_5_module_1_parent_tip_sheet_8_23_2017_4_24_14_PM.pdf [8/30/2017]
eureka_math_grade_5_module_2_parent_tip_sheet_8_23_2017_4_25_05_PM.pdf [8/30/2017]
eureka_math_grade_5_module_3_parent_tip_sheet_8_23_2017_4_25_34_PM.pdf [8/30/2017]
eureka_math_grade_5_module_4_parent_tip_sheet_8_23_2017_4_26_03_PM.pdf [8/30/2017]
eureka_math_grade_5_module_5_parent_tip_sheet_8_23_2017_4_26_28_PM.pdf [8/30/2017]
eureka_math_grade_5_module_6_parent_tip_sheet_8_23_2017_4_27_43_PM.pdf [8/30/2017]
TIGERCalendar2017-2018_8_23_2017_4_50_18_PM.pdf [8/30/2017]


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