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Michelle Matz - Eighth Grade  (Send e-mail)

This week in class

Honors: Angles and Lines, oh my!! In class we will continue to learn and apply the definitions we learned Friday.
Homework: Quiziz code: 048308

8th: We are continuing our learning on reflections over a line. Strategies consist of graphing, tables and learning the rules.
Homework: Delta

Honors: Discovering how to use geometry applications and combing them with algebra to solve for missing angles.
HW: Delta Math

8th: Continuing with Transformations. Reflections over a line. Revisiting how to graph y=2.
Homework: Delta

Honors: Fast Bridge Winter Testing
Angle WS and Khan academy
Formative- Angles and Lines
HW: Angle WS
8th: Fast Bridge Winter Testing
translation and reflection WS

HW: Translation and reflection WS

Honors: Traversal lines and Parallel Lines! How fun!!
Notes and practice in class
HW: Complete the rest of the 10.3 practice packet

8th: Translations and Reflections, Review and Practice along with a formative.
HW: Delta Math


Downloads List

Answer Keys from Honors 10.24 [10/24/2018]
Study Guide Answers Slope [10/3/2018]
Study Guide Page 1 [9/13/2018]


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