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Special Education Teacher Cheryl Harris - Special Education  (Send e-mail)

This year I am teaching fifth grade. I am in room 228S (above the art room on the second floor).
I will primarily be working with team 5C. I'm looking forward to a great school year!!!
If you have any questions, I can be reached most mornings from 8:20-9:00
at 815-469-2309 ext. 4559 or send me an e-mail, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please check both my page and your child's homeroom page for important homeroom information. I will be updating this page weekly on curriculum and tests/projects going on in my class.

In ELA this week we will focus on our essential questions related to our quarter 1 Unit. "What does it mean to adapt?" "How do people around you influence the way you adapt?"
This week we will take our end of the quarter literature outcome assessment. We are also working on identifying the main idea with articles we are reading in class as well has using Newsela to annotate and locate the main idea. Our skills this week will focus on will be main idea, point of view, theme and figurative language using informational articles.
We will continue our fluency program in ELA called Quick Reads. Students will graph their progress for each story read. They will also practice writing summaries and organizing information to answer comprehension questions related to each passage.
In our multi-sensory reading group we will be focusing on vowel, consonant, silent e and vowel teams. We will continue to do word study weekly practicing prefixes and suffixes in multi-syllabic words.There will be a red word (sight words) and a green word (that match the spelling pattern we are learning) test this Friday. Red words are taught and practiced daily. A study guide will go home after 5 words have been learned. We want to welcome Mrs. Torres working in our class with our sounds group.

In math this week we will continue Module 2 (multi-digit whole numbers and decimal fractions). Keep practicing multiplication and division facts. We are practicing multiplication and division facts this week. A new website to try is

In writing this week we will continue to work on our personal narratives about "last times". We spent time last week reading a mentor text, "The Day the Crayons Quit" and discovering emotions the characters are feeling. We then made a list of emotions and events related to that emotion to narrow down our topic on "last times". Students will begin their graphic organizer and writing paragraphs this week on the topic "last times".

Journal writing occurs daily.

At Chelsea School, we want to keep Halloween a safe and happy celebration. Here are a few guidelines for celebrating Halloween at Chelsea:
• Students are not to wear their costumes to Chelsea. They will have an opportunity to change into their costumes.
• Do not bring to school paraphernalia associated with the costume.
• We want to see student’s faces at all times. Do not wear masks or face paint to school or on the bus.
• Items that simulate weapons will not allowed at school or on the bus.
• Costumes that are violent in nature or inappropriate for the school setting will not be allowed at Chelsea.
• Any inappropriate paraphernalia will be sent to the office.

Thank you for helping us keep Halloween safe at Chelsea

Oct. 23-28.
Monday: students sign a pledge
Tuesday: Crazy sock or hair day.
Wednesday: PJ Day
Thursday: Sports Day
Friday: Wear Red


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Eureka Math [9/1/2017]
Red Ribbon Week Flyer 2017 Chelsea.doc [10/13/2017]

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