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Special Education Teacher Cheryl Harris - Special Education  (Send e-mail)

I will be teaching 5th grade this year.
If you have any questions, I can be reached most mornings from 8:20-9:00
at 815-469-2309 ext. 4559 or send me an e-mail, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please check both my page and your child's homeroom page for important homeroom information. I will be updating this page weekly on curriculum and tests/projects going on in my class.

WEEK OF: December 10-14

ELA: We will be focusing on our Quarter 2 Essential Question:
What influences our ability to adapt?
This week we will look at practicing how to look for information and answer questions when reading literature/ fiction stories. We will take our literature outcome assessment this week.
We will also be reading informational text.
The informational skills we will work on include explaining what a text says, drawing inferences, determining the main idea and details, summarizing the text, and determining the meaning of unknown words.
The literature skills we will be working on are understanding text structure, characters, setting, and events within a text. We will compare and contrast text by drawing on specific details from the text.

We will continue to read aloud the novel titled, "Peak" while practicing skills and strategies in our literature unit.

We will continue to practice being a WORD Scientist by using Structured Word Inquiry (exploring the meaning of words, the structure, word relatives, and how the pronunciation affects meaning). Students are becoming WORD Scientists by accessing the websites in my "cool links" tab under word study (Online Etymology Dictionary and Word Searcher). Students are recognizing prefixes, base words, and suffixes in words to aide them in reading, spelling, and understanding the meaning of words.

Writing: We will be working on informational reserach. We will be reseraching explorers. We are finishing up our research by adding information we took notes on into a power point. We will then use those notes to write our paragraphs. We will focus on I can statements such as I can write a beginning and ending with transitions. We have been practicing how to write a document in and using the word prediction software that has been uploaded (this year we are using co-writer universal).
In ELA this week we will also begin our writing unit 2 "Writing in Response to Reading: Research Simulation."
The objective of this research simulation writing unit is to expose students to the type of writing they will be asked to do on assessments, such as PARCC.

Math: We will be working on fluency activities in class with division. Students should continue practicing their multiplication facts. Students also practice Fast Math in class.
We will be starting module 3 this week. In Module 3, studentsí understanding of addition and subtraction of fractions extends from earlier work with
fraction equivalence and decimals.

Just a reminder: Zearn is a requirement for fifth grade. It is a completion grade for homework. I will be checking daily to check if students are completing the lessons assigned. Students are expected to work on zearn for 20 minutes a night.

Check out my "cool links" tab for additional games from the Greg Tang website.


FAST MATH directions:
Go to District Website
Choose Chelsea
On sidebar, choose Student Resources
From there, choose Student Links
Fast Math is on the top of the page (second from the top)

username:First and Last name password: MATH 18

Please see THEMED THURSDAY in my downloads section on upcoming dates on what to wear.
This Thursday is wear your Bears colors or Bears shirt.

Friday, December 14th the HC chorus will be perfoming at 2:45.

DEAR is Friday, December 14th at 9:00


Downloads List

Fact Fluency Math [1/31/2018]
Math Fact Fluency [10/8/2018]
Module 2 topic A [10/21/2018]
Module 2 topic B [10/21/2018]
Module 2 Topic C [10/21/2018]
Module 2 Topic D [10/21/2018]
Module 3 [12/9/2018]
Office log in [9/3/2018]
One Note [9/3/2018]
Themed Thursday [12/6/2018]
Topic A module 1 parent-tips_g5m1ta.pdf [8/21/2018]
Topic A parent-tips_g5m2ta (1).pdf [9/30/2018]
Topic B module 1 parent-tips_g5m1tb.pdf [8/21/2018]
Topic B parent-tips_g5m2tb.pdf [9/30/2018]
Topic C moduel 1 parent-tips_g5m1tc.pdf [8/21/2018]
Topic C parent-tips_g5m2tc (1).pdf [9/30/2018]
Topic D module 1 parent-tips_g5m1td.pdf [8/21/2018]
Topic D parent-tips_g5m2td (1).pdf [9/30/2018]
Topic E module 1 parent tips [9/11/2018]
Topic E parent-tips_g5m2te.pdf [9/30/2018]
Topic F parent-tips_g5m2tf (1).pdf [9/30/2018]
Topic F- module 1 parent-tips_g5m1tf.pdf [8/21/2018]
Topic G parent-tips_g5m2tg.pdf [9/30/2018]
Topic H parent-tips_g5m2th.pdf [9/30/2018]
Zearn [12/10/2017]


Cool Links

Eureka Math Module 4

Facti practice

Facti practice



math fluency

Math games

Multiplication Practice

Reading practice (class code/ usernames and passwords were sent home and are also in your child's assignment notebook)

word study

word study

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