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Teacher Scott Becker - Fifth Grade  (Send e-mail)

******BREAKING NEWS*****
Congratulations to Will Schlinger as our new Class President and Maddie Stang as our Vice President.
Welcome to Mr. Becker's Class Webpage.
Please use this webpage to access information on what we are currently learning, homework that is due, upcoming projects and assessments, and also any information relevant to our class.
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Beginning the week of August 27th students in my class will participate in benchmark screenings provided by Fast Bridge Learning. Fast Bridge is District 157-Cís universal screening instrument. This assessment will be administered in the fall, winter and spring to help teachers determine which students are likely to meet the end of the year learning goals, which students may require intervention and help to determine advanced and honors placements for the following school year. This computer based assessment measures performance in reading and math. Individual fall results will be sent home at the beginning of October after all students have been tested. I look forward to working with your child this school year.

We are so excited to begin using Microsoft OneNote in our ELA classes! OneNote allows students to access and edit their ELA work from their online ELA binder. Today, your child will be bringing home their log in information on colored paper. Please keep this copy AT HOME for your use. You can also access this information on my teacher page found on the District website. If you have any additional questions, please let me know!
Dear Parents/Guardians,
If you would like a text message sent for to you for important information about our class enter this code into your web browser Remind Code or text the message @ke67c4 to the number 81010.
Zearn Class Code: WF8X4A
Newsela Class Code Q5DTTC To log in use 22 first initial. last name and your 500# as you password
ex. 22s.becker
To access OneNote from home:
Go to
log in is 22first initial last name@
For example
Password is your 500number(just like at school)
Invitation Reminder: We never want to have a child feel left out or have their feelings hurt by not receiving an invitation to a party. Even as adults, we know the emotional hurt from being excluded. This is why we highly discourage the passing out of invitations at school. The only exception is if you are inviting the whole class and the invitations are distributed by your childís teacher. Invitations are never to be distributed by a student or parent. Thank you for your cooperation.

This week in class

2/18 R day
No School

2/19 T day
Math- Today students solved multiplication of decimal problems using fractions. Please complete all of the homework problems from Module 4 Lesson 18. 0
Advanced ELA- Today students completed a summative on informational text.
Word Study- Today students focused on opinion statements for argumentative writing. Please finish the 4 opinions statements if you did not finish this in class.
Social Studies- Students read about the Bread Basket colonies. No homework. Students will begin switching with Mrs. Ritter for Science tomorrow.

2/20 I Day

2/21 G Day

2/22 E Day


Important Dates

Parent Visiting Day 11:15-12:15

Early Dismissal 2:15

Lunch Time Change 12:25-1:05

FSP Dine and Donate Buona Beef


Downloads List

2017 State of the District Information [1/24/2017]
5 Essential Facts [11/21/2016]
5 Essential Survey Instructions [11/21/2016]
Backwards Beast Creative Writing Project [8/26/2014]
Class President Expectations [11/7/2018]
Colonial Market Expectations [4/24/2018]
Counting By 7's Project Information and Expectations [10/20/2016]
Eureka Math Module Five Parent Tips [9/7/2017]
Eureka Math Module Four Parent Tips [9/7/2017]
Eureka Math Module One Parent Tips [9/7/2017]
Eureka Math Module Six Parent Tips [9/7/2017]
Eureka Math Module Three Parent Tips [9/7/2017]
Eureka Math Module Two Parent Tips [9/7/2017]
Lesson 1 Ropeburn Vocabulary/Focus Skill [9/9/2013]
Lesson 2 "Line Drive" Vocabulary and Focus Skill [9/23/2013]
Microsoft Office Login Information [9/11/2017]
Microsoft OneNote Instructions [9/11/2017]
Mr. Becker's 2016-2017 Class Schedule [9/9/2016]
Totem Pole Project [10/19/2017]
Vocabulary Greek and Latin Root dict=speak [11/2/2015]
Vocabulary Greek and Latin Roots man,manu=hand [11/5/2013]
Vocabulary Greek and Latin Roots ped = foot [10/18/2013]
Vocabulary Greek and Latin Roots spec=see,look [9/17/2015]
Words Their Way Parent Letter [11/13/2013]
Words Their Way Research [11/13/2013]
Words Their Way Template [4/28/2014]


Cool Links

Colonial Williamsburg

Eureka Math Homework Helper Product Key HWH10CG

Eureka Math Textbook/Workbook

Flipgrid Class code a0ffd4

frontrowed-Math Practice Class Code (code: 8ekphf)


Lincoln-Way STEM Event information

Math Finding Volume

Math Games

Math Websites

PARCC Parent Helpful Information Link

Poster My Wall

Properties of a Kite

Reading/Spelling Online Textbook/Workbook

Science Activities and Experiments

Social Studies Online Textbook

Typing Instructor Link

Zearn Eurkea Math Practice

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