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Teacher Karen Graf - Fifth Grade  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to the Fourth Quarter!

** PARCC Testing begins April 4, 2017 **
Our Schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, April 5-Math 1, @1:30-2:50
Friday, April 7-Math 2, 1:50-3:10
Tuesday, April 11-Math 3, 1:30-2:50
Wednesday, April 12-Math 4, 11:10-12:30
Wednesday, April 19-ELA 1, 1:30-3:20
Friday, April 21-ELA2, 10:45-12:30
Monday, April 24-ELA3, 1:30-3:20
Please make sure your child gets a good night slept & a healthy breakfast on testing days!

+++Please see attached download for information on ordering Field Day T-shirts & lunch for field day.

***Reading Logs-Please remind your child that they need to read 80 minutes per week, and have their reading log signed & returned every Monday. Thank you!

What is it? It is an acronym that refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Learning is collaborative and project-based. Our students will be given the opportunity to attend this class on a weekly basis with Mrs. Jozaitis as their instructor. The following fifth grade projects are planned for this school year:

Quarter 1: Mousetrap
Quarter 2: Sky Eagle
Quarter 3: Tetrix Robotics
Quarter 4: Water Rockets

Week of: April 10, 2017
Curriculum Overview-

ELA: Throughout the 4th quarter we will read various text with the theme of Children's Rights. Students will read the text "Counting On Grace" along with a variety of other literature and informational texts. We will discuss these texts with these Essential Questions:
*What rights should children have?
*What role do cultural and economic factors play in the rights of all workers?
*Why has child labor been a sustained practice throughout history?

I CAN…Plot ordered pairs on a coordinate plane
I I CAN…Identify points on a coordinate plane as ordered pairs.
CAN…determine the distance between two points on a coordinate plane
I CAN…Represent real world and mathematical problems by graphing points in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane, and interpret coordinate values of points in the context of the situation.
I CAN…Use a rule to create two numerical patterns, graph the ordered pairs, and identify the relationship between the corresponding terms. Performance Task

SOCIAL STUDIES: Early Colonial Settlements

SCIENCE: ecosystems


This week in class

E Day-PE & Music
SS-Grow 30 due Thursday
WTW-Sort 41 or Sort 15

R Day-PE
SS-Grow 30 due Thursday

T-Day PE & Stem
ELA- Reading Log 80 minutes per week
Must be signed by a parent each week
Social Studies-Grow 30

I-Day PE & Art
ELA-Reading Log 80 minutes per week
Must be signed by a parent each week
Social Studies-Grow 30 due today

No School


Downloads List

5 Essentials Directions.pdf [11/21/2016]
5 Essentials FAQ.pdf [11/21/2016]
CHELSEA FIELD DAY_order info_t_shirt and lunch.pdf [4/7/2017]
Grade 5 OA 3.3 Parent Re-Teaching Activities.docx [1/21/2016]
I Cans 2nd Quarter [10/23/2014]
parent reinforcement sheet Unit 3.2 Parent Sheet.docx [1/28/2016]
Rev-Trak Order Sign_Promotion.pdf [4/7/2016]
State of the District Flyer.pdf [1/24/2017]
WTW parent letter.doc [11/19/2013]


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