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Teacher Michele Hardy - Seventh Grade  (Send e-mail)

The Regular math class covers the following Units of Study this year:

Unit 1: Number Systems
Unit 2: Rates, Ratios, and Proportions
Unit 3:Percents
Unit 4:Expressions and Equations
Unit 5: Geometry
Unit 6: Stats and Probability

Advisory Schedule:
Mondays- Mawi Learning
Tuesdays- Khan Academy
Wednesdays-Mawi Learning
Thursdays- Khan Academy
Friday- Library visit

If there is ever a night where there is little or no math homework assigned, working in Khan Academy is a great way to Practice skills.

On Friday, May 25th
students and community members will gather as a school to help raise money and awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Each Advisory class has a web-page set up to help raise funds for the HCMS team supporting the CF Foundation.
Check the link below for more information and scroll to the bottom to find your studentís advisory class or to just give to help us reach our goal!

Families can donate online, and their tax-deductible donation will go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to fund lifesaving research.
There will be an additional Aurelioís HOT LUNCH on Friday May 18th
to help raise money. Order via RevTrak by May 11th.

We will continue our study of geometry. This week we will cover circle parts and formulas for finding circumference and area. I will be available to answer questions after school for those students that are confused or concerned.

After school tutoring is also available with the 7th & 8th grade honors students in the library on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 3:15 for extra help.

This week in class

May 28

No School

May 29

Objective: Multiply binomials using the FOIL method; Find the Surface Area and Volume of prisms.

Homework: Complete the "Zombie Flip Book" for Thursday. Show your work on the page with boxes.

May 30

Objective: Find the Volume and Surface Area of a Rectangular prism.

Homework: Complete the Volume and Surface Area of the pyramid on page 689 in Carnegie text.

May 31

Objective: Determine the Surface Area and Volume of prisms

Tomorrow we will have field day...Bring water!! and sunscreen. If you did not order a yearbook, bring $8.00 if you would like to purchase one for signing (There may be some extras to buy in the office.)


Downloads List

Ch 6 Study Guide answers.pdf [1/23/2018]
Chapter 2 Assessment Study Guide Answers [11/8/2017]
Chapter 6 Study Guide [1/23/2018]
Chapter 7 Assessment Study Guide [2/6/2018]
Circles Study Guide Answers [5/22/2018]
Khan Academy Letter [2/6/2017]
OA on Probability Study Guide Answers [3/13/2017]
Probability Study Guide answers [3/13/2017]
Probability Study Guide2 Answers [3/13/2017]
Statistics Study Tool Answers [2/24/2017]
Unit 3 Assessment Percents Study Guide Answers [12/13/2017]
Unit 4 Outcome Assessment Study Guide Answers [3/12/2018]


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