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This week in class

No School!

8th Grade Drawing: Transfer portrait to printing block
8th Grade Sculpture: Finish drape mold face and roll out slab
7th Grade: Introduce balance. Draw radial grid
6th Grade: Finish clay pots

8th Grade Drawing: Revise portrait grid drawings, finish transfer to printing block
8th Grade Sculpture:Connect face mold and slab
7th Grade: Begin radial design drawing
6th Grade: Cut and fold color schemes box

8th Grade Drawing: begin carving printing block
8th Grade Sculpture: Continue to sculpt face/slab project
7th Grade: Finish radial outline drawing
6th Grade: begin color mixing

8th Grade Drawing: continue printing block
8th Grade Sculpture: finish clay sculputre
7th Grade: shading practice
6th Grade: quilt square background


Important Dates

Yearbook Cover Entries due


Downloads List

6th Grade Supply List [8/21/2015]
7th Grade Supply List [8/21/2015]
Art Overview [8/21/2015]
Drawing and Painting Supply List [8/21/2015]
Sculpture and Design Supply List [8/21/2015]
Yearbook Cover Entry Form [10/2/2017]

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