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ELA - Our Quarter 1 Unit is titled "New Beginnings." We will learn about immigration and the various perspectives of the immigrants. We will read 2 novels this quarter. Our informational text is title "If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island," and our fictional text is titled "The Orphan of Ellis Island." These are two great texts that the students really enjoy reading! This week we will continue reading "If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island," and we will continue to work on informational text skills.
Quarter 1 Essential Question. . .
*Why is it important to consider the point of view an event is being told from?
Throughout the unit students will consider . . .
*Why do people search for new beginnings in their life?
*How do immigrants respond and adapt to the challenges that they face on their journey and in their homeland?
*What impacts do immigrants have on past and present societies?
1st Quarter Skills include referring to details in the text to explain or infer meaning, comparing and contrasting points of view, finding the main idea and important details, integrating information from two or more texts on the same topic, summarizing, and understanding text structure.
Writing: The students are writing "Informational Books" on a natural disaster. If your child has any extra time at home it would be great for them to spend a little time researching their topic.

Math - Module 1: Place Value, Rounding, and Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction - In this module, students extend their work with whole numbers. They begin with large numbers using familiar units (hundreds and thousands) and develop their understanding of millions by building knowledge of the pattern of times ten in the base ten system on the place value chart. They recognize that each sequence of three digits is read as hundreds, tens, and ones followed by the naming of the corresponding base thousand unit (thousand, million, billion).
Formative quizzes are given after every topic within a module. It is important for students to stay on top of the math lessons by completing homework and their Zearn lessons. Duane Habecker videos are great for extra math help! Google his name and the lesson number!

**The fourth grade team has decided to change the Mid-Module Assessment days to Tuesday and Wednesday of this week!**
9/10 Review for Mid-Module Assessment
9/11 Module 1 Assessment Part 1 (Lessons 1-10)
9/12 Module 1 Assessment Part 2 (Lessons 1-10)
9/13 Lesson 1-11D Add Multi-Digit Whole Numbers
9/14 Lesson 1-12D Solve Multi-Step Word Problems

9/17 - Topic D Formative
9/21 - Topic E Formative
9/25 - End of Module 1 Assessment Part 1/ Topic F Formative will be given as homework.
9/26 - End of Module 1 Assessment Part 2

Science: ESS1-1 Identify evidence from patterns in rock formations and fossils in rock layers to support an explanation for changes in landscape over time. This week students will learn why some volcanoes explode.

Social Studies: World geography- we will study the Earth's continents and oceans.

I DAY-PE, Spanish, and Library
G DAY- PE and Music

This week in class

Week of 9/24
Math-Study for math test

Read 20 minutes

Hot Lunch
End of Module Part 1

Read 20 minutes

Math End of Module Part 2

Read 20 minutes

Math: begin Module 2 Lesson 1

Read 20 minutes


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