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Welcome To Frankfort School District 157-C

Illinois Senate Bill 16

Dear District 157-C Families,

District 157-C will lose $1.8 million each year if Illinois Senate Bill 16, or SB16, becomes law and is fully implemented. SB16 has already passed the Illinois Senate and will likely be voted on by the Illinois House of Representatives in November 2014, following the fall elections. We are asking for your help with opposing SB16.

What is SB16?
SB16 is intended to completely rework the way the state funds public education by shifting money away from suburban and some urban school districts and towards more rural, downstate districts with lower assessed property values.

How will SB16 impact our District?
As currently written, Senate Bill 16 would have a significantly negative impact on our district. It will also negatively impact Lincoln-Way High School District 210, all of its feeder schools, and many other suburban districts.

The Illinois Constitution places the primary responsibility for school funding upon the State of Illinois.

Our Board of Education and administrators believe that all students deserve quality education and that it is unfair for District 157-C students to be negatively impacted by this shift in state funding.

As things stand, District 157-C currently receives limited funding from the state, with 87 percent of its funding for education provided by local taxpayers.

The Illinois State Board of Education estimates that SB16 would cost District 157-C approximately $1,831,591 in state funding, thus further increasing the cost of education for local taxpayers.

With the passage of SB16, the $1.8 million per year allocated for District 157-C would be redistributed to other school districts throughout the state.

SB16 would be devastating to District 157-C’s efforts to provide the world-class education for which it is known.

How does our district work to keep costs down?
Over the past three years, the 157-C Board of Education, with the cooperation of the Frankfort Teachers Association, has kept its tax levy flat through creative measures including the strategic use of abatements from reserve funds, debt re-financing, and cost containment.

The District has maintained its “AAA” bond rating and its place on the state financial recognition list. Unfortunately, the State of Illinois has continually decreased state funding and placed unfunded mandates on the District.

The Board of Education remains committed to its “Tradition of Excellence,” with students being high achievers in academics, fine arts, athletics, extracurricular activities, character, and citizenship. We believe the State of Illinois should not undermine our local efforts to support our schools.

Thank you for your partnership with us on behalf of the students.


Dr. Maura J. Zinni
Superintendent of Schools

Christopher R. McFadden
Board of Education President


We encourage our families and community members from Frankfort and other suburban school districts to contact their Illinois Representatives if they are concerned about the dramatic negative impact SB16 will have on their schools and their taxes. You may use the following link to look up and email your legislators:

(Sample Script)

Dear Senator/Representative (INSERT NAME)

I am concerned about the impact Senate Bill 16 could have on public education in Illinois.

The Illinois Constitution places the primary responsibility for school funding upon the State of Illinois.

My school district, Frankfort 157-C, stands to lose over $1.8 million each year if SB16 becomes law and is fully implemented.

I am proud of our students and their high achievement in academics, fine arts, athletics, extracurricular activities, character, and citizenship.

Our students will be negatively impacted by the loss of funding if SB16 becomes law.

A fair funding formula should be developed and SB16 should not be passed. Please vote NO on SB16.



In Frankfort School District 157-C, we are proud of our three fully equipped and well-maintained schools. Grand Prairie Elementary houses students in Grades Pre K-2; Chelsea Intermediate School houses students in Grades 3-5; and Hickory Creek Middle School is attended by students in Grades 6-8. Our District prides itself on its "Tradition of Excellence." We offer a full academic and co-curricular program that strives to provide the best education for all students. Effective use of instructional technology is emphasized throughout the district. Students come to school eager to learn and demonstrate fine academic achievement. Frankfort School District 157-C has long been recognized as one of the outstanding districts in the state. It has received distinction as a "Blue Ribbon School” in the State of Illinois. In addition Hickory Creek Middle School was selected as a “Demonstration School” by the Association of Middle Schools and an Illinois Horizon School “School to Watch.” Stable resources, experienced and highly qualified staff members, high achieving, involved students, supportive parents and comprehensive school programs are indicators used frequently to describe our district.

Student Insurance

We are again offering student insurance through Markel Insurance Company. This insurance is offered as an additional/supplemental benefit for our families, but is not required by the School District or associated with the District’s Insurance Program. (It is separate, optional coverage for students). If you are interested in additional insurance coverage for your child, please click on the Student Accident Insurance Brochure link below for more details. To purchase this optional insurance click on the “Online Enrollment” link below. You will be able to purchase the insurance using a credit/debit card.

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